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UNICO’s flexible, relationship-oriented approach and diverse financing structures enable us to forge transactional partnerships for a wide range of asset-backed scenarios. The here listed services represent only some of the approaches we use to design customized financing solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Auswahl Services

Project Funding

We specialize in providing expert solutions with the aim to meet the growing needs of Developing Countries, Clients and Promoters looking for financing and professional assistance in diverse Projects.

We are partnered with high net worth individuals, investment companies and private foundations.


We facilitate project financing as large as US$ 100 million and above. For this purpose, most commercial and development projects such as the following are eligible for financing.


  • Energy sector

  • Social Infrastructure

  • Airports

  • Bridges 

  • Communication

  • Oil & gas

  • Refineries

  • Hotels & Tourism

  • Education & Healthcare

  • Housing

  • Water and Sanitation Utilities


For further information, please contact us.

Project Funding

Trade Finance

Our alternative lending venue is available for all commodity trading purposes that involve Documentary Letter of Credit (DLC). It is quick and efficient when financing of a lucrative transaction but conventional bank loan seems to be difficult and subject to a lengthy process.


We finance your Commodity trade as follows:

Assuming you are engaged in commodity trade as follows:


You deal bulk commodity trading or valuable equipment that require Documentary Letter of Credit (DLC) for exchange


You have a direct end-buyer for the product and you can enter into a Purchase Agreement with your end-buyer


And you have a direct seller or manufacturer of the product and you can enter into a Sales Agreement with them


With this in place however, you may be short of funds or credit line to materialize such trade by yourself.


Under these circumstances, we can collaborate with you and issue the required DLC to your seller on your behalf based upon a Profit Sharing Scheme.


For further details, please contact us by email explaining the nature and volume of your commodity trade. We will be glad to discus and configure the trade with you in short time.

Trade Finance

Letter of Credit Financing

Through our banking relationship and capable funders, we provide documentary letter of credit (DLC) at sight for a reasonable issuing fee for 30, 60 and 90 days. We use rated banks for issuing the DLCs.


Our Procedures

  1. Importer and Seller enter Sales Contract

  2. Importer sends to us an application for the required DLC

  3. Importer receives a draft for amendment and signs its acceptance

  4. A brief Agreement is signed by us and the Importer

  5. Issuing fee is paid to us against a commercial invoice

  6. Within 2-3 days, the DLC is sent by SWIFT to the beneficiary’s Advising Bank

  7. Advising Bank authenticates the LC and delivers to Sellers

  8. Flow of commodity from Seller to Buyer

  9. Seller presents documents to Negotiating Bank

  10. Funder obtains payment from Importer

  11. Funder transfers Funds to negotiating Bank in accordance with LC terms

  12. Negotiating Bank transfers payment to Seller

Letter of Credit

BG & SBLC for Commodity Trading

Should the Importer require BG or SBLC for commodity trading, we work in close cooperation with several providers including financial service institutions that can issue bank guarantees and standby letters of credit (BG/SBLC).

Generally, we arrange the timely issuance of the following instruments at fairly reasonable fees:

  • Standby Letters of Credit

  • Bank Guarantees

  • Performance Guarantees

  • POF messages


We are responsive to our client’s queries. As soon as we receive the completed application form for issuance of an instrument, we promptly provide the initial draft (text verbiage) for approval by the client and/or its beneficiary. The time line for the whole process is usually not more than five banking days.


Please contact us for further information.


Monetizing Bank Instruments

In case you wish to acquire a BG or SBLC to be monetized, you must have unrestricted beneficiary ownership of the instrument for a 12-month term. The issuing bank shall have rating of at least BBB+ and the text of the BG or SBLC states that it is “transferable or assignable”.

With these conditions in place, we offer a loan to value (LTV) of at least 70%. 

If your bank cooperates, the process can be completed within 10 banking days.

Start with sending to us a brief application for a loan against your bank instrument along with your Client Information Sheet, copy of your passport, Certificate of Registration.

For further information, please contact us.

Monetizing Bank Instruments

Monetization and Private Placement

We monetize your owned (not leased) bank instrument and put the cash into a trading program. A trading account can be opened for the Investor in the monetizing bank. If the bank instrument is issued by a major rated bank, the LTV is up to 70%.


This financial enhancement program pays high profit same day for capital of $/€ 100M+, repeatable three times with profit compounding. Program duration is only three to five weeks with entire payout at once.


We require the following Information:

  1. KYC

  2. Passport copy and

  3. Tear sheet or bank statement from depository bank of the instrument.


In this case, we work with a long-established, renowned platform with unbroken

30-years track record of successful trading.


For further information, please contact us.

Monetization and PP
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